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This argument Coffee Reduce The good Pregnancy

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This argument Coffee Reduce The good Pregnancy


Drinking coffee is now indeed have become lifestyle some great people. Therefore, it is not easy indeed leave this routine, even when pregnant. Although actually, secure whether coffee consumption during pregnancy is still debated. In the most recent study, some experts say pregnant women better to limit coffee consumption, such as drinking alcohol or smoking. Pregnant women who drink two cups of coffee daily will increase the risk of their babies suffer leukemia. Some researchers from Bristol University revealed that caffeine may alter fetal DNA in tumor easy to grow. Leukemia itself is a type of cancer that is often exposed to children. Studies that look increasingly over 20 studies have found that babies born to mothers who drink coffee have a risk hobby suffer leukemia to 20%. The risk was increased to 60% if the mother drank two cups of coffee daily. This is indeed only the beginning to the study researchers say the importance of continuing research so that the brighter the hooks on caffeine consumption and the health of the unborn baby. Another study says, consume caffeine during pregnancy would be so severe morning sickness that is felt because the coffee in the know will increase the heart rate and stimulates the secretion of gastric acid. Throughout the pregnancy, the mother's body will work harder to process the incoming toxins, including those from caffeinated beverages. It causes caffeine may alter the fetus. The World Health Organization (WHO) has been given the reference to consume caffeine a day during pregnancy is not growing well over 300 mg. The amount is equivalent to 1, 5 cups of coffee that made itself at home. But need to know as well, with the exception of coffee we can also get caffeine from tea, soft drinks, power drinks, until brown. Therefore, the main for pregnant women to know the content of caffeine from food and drink consumption so as not to be too excessive.

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